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Visit to INADES, Cameroon

Since 2007, the Cameroonian NGO INADES implemented a project of commercialization of agricultural products. Farmers of Edzendouan, a small district located 40 kilometers from Yaoundé are benefiting. This video shows the arrival of INADES’ truck.

To achieve INADES’ mission and vision, the NGO has defined four orientations for the next three years : Empowering the rural society, integration of the socio-economic development of minorities, participations in the process of decentralization and local development ;mastery the agricultural production channels and promotion of the agricultural entrepreneurship, advocating better access and management of financial resources and consolidation of the visibility of the institution.

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  • INADES-Formation
  • Rue C 13 Booker Washington
  • 08 BP 8 Abidjan 08
  • Tél.(225) 22 40 02 16 - Fax (225) 22 40 02 30


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