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Project : “Optimizing income of local chicken and sunflower smallholder producers in 9 wards of Dodoma and Morogoro regions”.

the project goal is: To contribute to poverty reduction of small scale men and women producers of rural communities in ten districts of Morogoro and Dodoma

Brief summary of the project

This is a continuation of the ongoing project funded by La Caixa Foundation which raised the capacities of beneficiaries in producing local chicken and sunflower oil for the market. The interventions focus to streamline the achieved results of the previous project with an innovative model demonstrating that small holder producers can generate significant quantifiable profits and be reliable suppliers capturing steady and reliable markets.
The project dwell in reorganising and specializing beneficiaries to enable them to take the best advantage of market opportunities, overcome emerging market challenges and access financial services for operational capital.

The project has created oil processing sunflower cooperative Union which bring together PMCs under business management in order to increase their business capacity, brand recognition of their oil product in market creating a sunflower seed market trusted by a large domain of sunflower producers.
The union will have a governing board of members and will be managed by competent management staff. This is to ensure business sustainability in terms of being credit worth to commercial banks, producing at optimum capacity and strong marketing strategies. The cooperative will create a unique oil brand competitive in the growing oil market in the country and neighbouring countries.

The project will organise local chicken producers in groups specialising in production of fertile eggs, others will specialise in growing chicks into chicken. The groups will be organised into associations who will manage egg hatching services collectively. This organisation will create a chicken value chain in which small producers will be the key actors keeping the value added profit within them. The created chicken value chains will attract large chicken consumers who want reliable supply of large quantities of quality local chickens.
The project will support establishment of market places to enable chicken producers in particularly women to meet their customers conveniently and manage well programmed delivery of local chicken products to their customers.

The intervention will promote a financing scheme among the target beneficiaries to enable them build a culture to save parts of their small regular incomes in order to accumulate cash reserves for future investments and lending each other. This will be useful for chicken producers who will need cash investments for production operations. Gender issues will be addressed to ensure that gender dynamics do not affect women participation and ownership of the project benefits.

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