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Project: “Enhancing Resilience of Communities through Integrated Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Management in Bahi District”

The project goal is :To contribute on increasing the ability of rural communities and local institutions in 4 semi-arid villages of Bahi district to manage climate-induced hazards through building their adaptive capacity, effective climate-risk management and alternative livelihoods options.

Brief summary of the project

This project seeks to build on on-going efforts on climate change adaptation by enabling local people to develop and implement strategies for addressing localized threats of climate change. It works with women and men from vulnerable communities in 4 villages of Bahi District, Dodoma region to increase their ability to understand, cope with, and adapt to increased variability of climate and its related hazards and risks. Building adaptive capacity to climate change and managing climate risks requires awareness and understanding of climate change issues. Lack of awareness and education are often the major limitations towards understanding the complexity of climate change among the poor people.

The challenge is to enhance awareness of the general community. Public awareness efforts are an important tool for developing domestic political constituencies for addressing climate change from local to national level. Grassroots NGOs/CBOs interact closely with the local communities and local government, hence they are important facilitators for greater understanding of environmental and social issues among the general public. They can enhance participation of stakeholders at all levels by organizing forums and workshops to raise awareness and build consensus.

The project use as entry points, formal visits, workshops and public meetings as important tools for raising awareness and building consensus. In order to ensure interest and participation, the project shall use a triangulation of methods to interact closely with local communities and government authorities, facilitating shared understanding of environmental and social issues among the general public.

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