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Project : Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research

The project goal is: To contribute towards strengthening the adaptive capacities of farmers and communities to deal with change and, thus, to build their resilience

Brief summary of the project :

Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research (CLIC-SR) is a project developed with PROLINNOVA International Secretariat and implemented in four countries in Eastern Africa, namely Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. In Tanzania INADES formation Tanzania (IFTz) is the lead implementing agent. The project mainly focus to Strengthen the resilience to change of smallholders and their communities, especially women, by enhancing their innovative capacity and thus their livelihood security through participatory innovation development (PID) ; Build the capacity of organizations working on agriculture and natural resource management (NRM) such that they can effectively work with and support smallholder communities in their efforts to adapt ; Increase insight and awareness on relevance and effectiveness of PID through sharing and learning and Mainstream PID as an accepted approach within targeted national policies and programmes related to agricultural development, NRM and climate change adaptation (CCA).

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  • INADES-Formation
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  • 08 BP 8 Abidjan 08
  • Tél.(225) 22 40 02 16 - Fax (225) 22 40 02 30


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