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Project : “Back-up of Rural Communities in Semi-Arid Central Tanzania on Climate Change Adaptation and Enhanced Food security for their improved Livelihood”

The project Goal is: To contribute towards increased resilience of vulnerable communities in 10 villages of semi-arid Tanzania against climate –induced hazard through enhancement of adaptive capacity, effectiveness climate-risk management strategies and sustainable livelihood options.

Brief summary of the project

This project seeks to build on previous work done by IFTz on climate change adaptation, by piloting a community-based approach to CC adaptation and risk reduction, enabling the local people to develop and implement strategies for addressing localized threats of climate change. It shall work with women and men from vulnerable communities in the 10 target villages of Dodoma region to increase their ability to understand, cope with, and adapt to, increased variability of climate and its related hazards. Building on this experience, in this project, IFTz support work on community-based adaptation to climate change and its impacts through imparting knowledge and supporting actions at different levels to enable rural communities in 10 drought-prone villages tackle climate change, its impacts and implement adaptive/coping strategies feasible under their conditions.

Focus is placed on reducing the vulnerability and increasing the resilience of communities to climatic hazards (mainly droughts) by enhancing their adaptive capacity and by effective risk management. Our bottom-up approach to adaptation aims at ‘empowering’ the rural people to cope with the impacts of climate change – which include both severe shocks as a result of short-term climate variability, where our entry point is through drought-risk management interventions ; and on-going degradation of livelihoods and increased poverty as a result of longer-term gradual climate change, where our entry point is through livelihood support interventions.

Specific activities include creating awareness to communities on the concept of CC and its effect/impact, facilitating communities to understand national policies and guidelines related to CC/DRR and play their roles accordingly, introducing and demonstrating agricultural practices which will contribute towards overcoming food insecurity and reducing disaster risks, combating environmental degradation, and building an evidence base for influencing policies and programmes from local to national levels. The aim is to support diversified strategies of vulnerable rural communities (men and women) and build their adaptive capacity to climate change. In addition, lessons will be drawn from the process in order to influence policy and practice and up-scale the experiences to other semi-arid areas. The project is supported financially and technically by Misereor of Germany

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